Sorare airdrop 0.04 ETH every week. How to claim?

Sorare airdrop

Sorare airdrop – First need to say it´s not classical airdrop, you will need to invest some ETH, so you can stop reading now if you are not able to do that 🙂

Please read our last post what is Sorare, foreshorten, it´s online blockchain fantasy football manager where players buy, sell, trade, and manage a virtual team with digital player cards


First register through this link, it´s very important because you will get (after buying 5 rare cards from New Signings) one extra Free rare card (value is usually over 50€, and you can sell/trade this card without any conditions). Every card is on blochchain as NFT with serial number.

There are 4 types of cards:

  • Common: you will pick Free 10 common cards after register, you cannot sell these cards, only play with em.
  • Rare: Most favorite cards, there is max 100 rare cards from every player per season. You can buy/sell.
  • Super Rare: Maximum 10 cards per player, you can buy/sell
  • Unique: Only one card per player, you can buy/sell

How to claim

You will need at least 4 rare player cards (new player cards prices begins on 0.004 ETH) + one common card (you will get free 10 common card after register) to set up starting five. It can looks like this:

starting 5 sorare
starting 5 on sorare

I can recommend use GK as common card, because their prices are much higher then field players, if you setup low cost team, of course you can buy also rare card GK.

After select your team you can play Rookie tournament where you can win Rare player card and another common players. Rookie tournament can be played only first 8 rounds (2 round per week)

Most interesting is playing Global All stars tournament with rare player cards where you can earn mentioned “airdrop”. All you need is score with your team at least 205pts for 0.01 ETH reward, 250pts for 0.02 ETH reward (when your team be under 130th place you will get also another rare card). Maximum what you can earn in every round is 500 points so scoring 250 is not very big problem.


  • Player who can make average 50 points per game costs about 0.08 ETH, you will need at least 4, so with invest 0.32 you can make solid results.
  • Don´t try in the beginning attend more leagues (asian, american, european) just focus on one.
  • Don´t buy players according your favorite team/nation etc. but for results.
  • Use additional site SorareData to better scouting players
cr7 sorare
This C.Ronaldo UNIQUE card was 14th March 2021 sold for $289920 🙂

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