Bitcoin – How to buy Bitcoin and earn crypto?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital crypto currency that becomes very popullar in last time. There are many new people in this market and maybe are confused. If you heard about Bitcoin and wanna own some, you are right here.

Maximum number of Bitcoins is 21.000.000. Peoples who own bitcoin address are 13.2 millions (from 7.7 Billion) which is only 0.17%. Bitcoin price is being higher and many new people want own Bitcoin or another Crypto.

Bitcoin – how to start finally?

There are many options, it depens how much money you want to invest (Always invest only what you can loose). We recommend start with small amouth of money, for example 125$ + earn some free crypto. Easiest way is register to exchange where you can buy and store (you will need no wallet at the beginning) crypto.

Let´s start with Coinbase, because when you deposit 100$ you will receive another 10$ and Bitpanda (Deposit 25$ and get 10$ free ). So register, verify and deposit via credit card (faster, but more expensive) or bank transfer (slower, but free). When you receive your money + bonus, you can buy Bitcoin or another crypto. So let´s say bought Bitcoin for 125$ (100 Coinbase, 25 Bitpanda) in the beginning, now you have 145$ in Bitcoin. Not bad, right 🙂 You can watch actuall Bitcoin price on CoinMarketCap.

Since you have your Coinbase account, you can earn some additional free crypto. Coinbase Earn is their program, where you can get actually 82$ by watching few small education videos about new cryptocurrencies. Small disadvantage is that you will not get it right now, but join waitlist and wait few days/weeks. Btw you can get this 82$ also without deposit any money. 🙂

There is more options how to earn free crypto, we recommend use Brave browser for internet. It´s fast, blocks Ads and you will earn at least 5$ in cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token (BAT). Also try some faucets, or aerning by playing crypto games or reading and rating blogs.

Not so bad

Following this steps you will earn 87$ without any invest or 107$ by investing 125$. It was easy right? (If something was unclear please comment). Now you own you first crypto. You can store it in the wallet for HODL and wait for higher prizes. Or trade for another cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

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