Coinbase earn – 82$ Free

Coinbase Earn program recently launched on Coinbase. Users have to watch small educational videos (1-3min) to learn about new coins and tokens, then earn them by answering quizzes. Actually you can get 82$ FREE in various tokens (50$ XLM, 10$ BAT, 10$ EOS, 6$ DAI, 3$ ZEC and 3$ZRX)

  1. Create coinbase account, according this.
  2. When you create your account and it will be fully verified, click on this invitation to coinbase earn program. No another registration needed your email/password from coinbase is valid also here.
  3. Next you will see courses which you can join. When you join course will not start immidiatelly. You will receive email when your course is ready.
  4. Join course watch short videos and take money 🙂
coinbase earn

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