Travel with Bitcoin and Crypto

Travel with Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto only is now possible. From fly tickets, to booking and paying with crypto credit card in another country. Now you can travel througt whole world without money, only with Bitcoin wallet in your smartphone (even without it – if you can remember 12-24 words phase to restore you wallet anywhere :)). Let´s check it step by step.

Buy Fly tickets

It´s easy to buy fly tickets only with Bitcoin. Try aBitSky or TravelByBit (where you can book also hotel.

Book your room

Instead try crypto alternative where you can pay with Bitcoin and another cryptocurrencies. Now also with cashback 45€

Move your Bitcoin and pay

You can bring your bitcoin in hardware wallet which is most secure, or software wallet (in your smartphone). But more comfortable is send small amout to crypto friendly credit card and then pay/withdraw as usuall. This services are offered by several cards. We can recommend card where you can send crypto and withdraw cash. Or another card Revolut where you can exchange crypto to 25 local currencies and then pay/withdraw.

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